grease trap for restaurants

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    The BAGT®Compact under-sink grease trap is designed for 10 to 90 place settings, to be placed under the trap of the sink of the kitchen. Entirely made of 304L food grade stainless steel, it offers a guarantee of quality and durability. No electrical connection is necessary for its operation, so it does not fail. The lamellar system, characteristic of the...
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    The under-sink grease trap BAGT 80N is designed for 60 to 120 place settings, to be placed under the kitchen sink. . Entirely made of food 304L stainless steel, weight 32kg, it offers a guarantee of quality and durability. It can be installed either on the right or on the left of the siphon under the compartment sink, thanks to the interchangeable grease...
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    By studying the need of restaurateurs and catering trades, we have designed the BAGT 200N, a solid and durable fat collecting trap that allows restaurateurs to comply with the law without too much stress of installation and use. We have posted two explanatory videos for installation and maintenance. As part of our quality approach, we have had an...
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    By studying the need of restaurateurs and catering trades, we have designed the BAGT 400N, a solid and durable grease trap that allows restaurateurs to comply with the law without too much stress of installation and use. The under sink grease trap BAGT  400 is designed for 200 to 400 place settings, to be placed under the plunge pan of the kitchen....
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A grease trap for restaurants and craftsmen of the food trades

Specializing in the production and distribution of grease traps for restaurants and catering tradesmen, we have chosen to advise our customers directly in order to better determine the model of grease trap corresponding to your needs. If you are looking for a solution for treating greasy wastewater from your sink, ovens and other cooking appliances, our grease traps are relatively easy to integrate into your facility thanks to their reduced volume and optimized efficiency. We are able, according to your needs, to realize custom grease traps (height, width, length ...) in the respect of a good efficiency and for certain constructions, in the respect of an efficiency answering the norm EN1825.


Different models of grease traps for restaurants

We offer four models of restaurant grease trap s that separate wastewater from solid and greasy waste. They have a lamellar system, useful for optimizing the water / waste separation in a reduced volume, as well as a drain valve at the front of the tank. All our models and their specificities are listed in a summary table. Grease Back/  grease interceptor models - comparison chart.pdf

The BAGT® Compact, BAGT 80N®, BAGT 200N® and BAGT 400N® models have a 2 mm mesh wet-waste basket. These models are optimized in terms of volume throughput. Grease recovery is done through the drain valve on the front of the tank, without opening the lid.

Harvested fats can enter the used frying oil sector for some oil collectors. They will then be stored in a drum before being collected by the collection company. These greases will then be upgraded to produce new raw materials (formwork oils ,...) or energy (biodiesel).

Commissioning, use, maintenance and warranty of the restaurant grease trap.

The restaurant grease trap is ideally placed directly under the plunge of your mouth shop. It is connected between the commercial  sink siphon and the public sanitation network. A set of connection accessories is supplied with the restaurant grease trap, it will be necessary to provide 30 cm of additional space in width for the installation. According to your needs and the space available in height, you can put the feet under the tank to allow the cleaning of the soil. Once the restaurant grease trap  tank is put into operation, only the arrival and exit of water remain open permanently. Two valves will be opened only for the draining of grease and the cleaning of the tank, then closed again. For detailed information on how to maintain the grease trap for restaurants, go to> Information> Maintenance and the corresponding video. The restaurant grease trap is made of food grade 304L stainless steel, very robust, with a long service life, and guaranteed for its efficiency.


The long-term restaurant grease trap

Choosing a suitable grease interceptor for restaurants according to your needs and maintaining it regularly is essential to ensure a good working condition and good efficiency. A maintenance time of five minutes every two days is sufficient to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the system. There is no breakdown to be feared; however a lack of maintenance may cause problems of drainage.