By studying the need of restaurateurs and catering trades, we have designed the BAGT 200N, a solid and durable fat collecting trap that allows restaurateurs to comply with the law without too much stress of installation and use.

We have posted two explanatory videos for installation and maintenance.

As part of our quality approach, we have had an independent laboratory validate the compliance measure of the BAGT 200N with the EN1825-size1 standard (for a nominal flow rate of 3600 liters per hour).

The under sink grease trap BAGT 200  is designed for 120 to 200 place settings, to be placed under the kitchen sink. Entirely made of food grade 304L stainless steel, weight 42kg, it offers a guarantee of quality and durability. It can be installed either on the right or on the left of the siphon under the stainless underbar sink, thanks to the interchangeable grease drain valve. No electrical connection is necessary for its operation, so it does not fail. The lamellar system, characteristic of the BAGT N models, offers a water / grease separation capacity equivalent to a tank with a volume 5 times greater. The closure of the lid is adjustable by means of toggles, which ensures a good seal of the grease interceptor. Feet are provided, useful for cleaning under the interceptor; they can be cut if necessary to adjust the height under the stainless underbar sink, or removed. Plumbing connection accessories help to optimize installation time. The recovered fats are recoverable in the HAU (Used Food Oils) sector.

  Easy draining of grease


  Quality: Robustness and durability

  10-year warranty against corrosion

  10-year warranty on spare parts availability

"Accessories included"

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Sarl Developpement Durable has designed a grease trap for restaurant and catering businesses, taking into account the notion of sustainable development. We offer efficient, durable material with good value for money. The BAGT 200N, a grease trap, allows restorers to comply with the law without excessive installation or use.

Nearly 2000 BAGT, grease trap  under sink, in operation for 5 years, attest to the validity of the concept.

Grease separtor required?

The regulations, Departmental Sanitary Regulations, require the companies of the CHR (CAFÉS, HOTELS ET RESTAURANTS) AND COMMERCIAL CATERING  and RHF to eliminate the swill before rejection. Indeed, the rejection of grease, as a material generating nuisance in the wastewater networks, is prohibited.

Grease traps by design, whether buried or non-enclosed grease traps, recover both solid waste and grease.

Material design:

The BAGT 200N has been designed for restaurants serving 120 to 200 covers a day. It is made of 304L stainless steel, food grade, to find its place in professional kitchens. It is compact; the renewal of water inside is therefore more common. On the other hand its effectiveness is important, thanks to the lamellar system, resulting from industrial technologies.

The waste basket has a volume of 8 liters and a mesh of 2mm to filter fine solid waste. The BAGT 200N grease arrestor can store 6.5 liters of fat, equivalent to 200 covers (20g / covered in traditional catering).

A drain valve of large size 33/42 ensures the emptying of the tank without risk of clogging.

Connection accessories are available to optimize the connection time.


Our grease traps are made of 304L stainless steel, food grade, to fit into any professional kitchen.

The weight of our grease traps BAGT 200N is 42kg, a sufficient stainless steel thickness to guarantee a good longevity of the material.

Meets standards:

As part of our quality approach, the BAGT 200N has been successfully tested according to the EN1825 "size 1" rejection standard by an independent accredited body. The EN1825 standard applies to underground grease traps for equipment that can handle flow rates from 1 liter / second to 3600 liters / hour.

To facilitate the installation of grease traps in modern premises, most communities and water agencies accept the use of grease traps under sink to comply with the Departmental Sanitary Regulations.


The BAGT 200N grease trap is easy to install, only 2 to 3 hours are required for installation under the sink under standard conditions, that is to say with sufficient space available. We offer connection accessories to optimize the assembly time. Refer to the installation instructions to understand the ease of installation. BAGT.N.pdf

Maintenance :

For the maintenance of the BAGT 200N grease separators, the basket allows easy evacuation of solid waste in the trash. Fats can be extracted easily in a short time thanks to our manual "Grease Back" system, but fast and without any breakdown.

It is not necessary to eliminate all fats with each operation. It is better to leave grease in the grease trap than to put water in the HAU waste oil collection drum.

Find our guides in video: installation and maintenance

Find our guides in video : installation et entretien

Weight (grease trap only)38
Number of covers120 - 200
Easy emptyingoui
Grease-back systemoui
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    Published 26/06/2019 à 08:25 (Order date: 18/06/2019)

    Même avis que pour le BAGT 80N