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Choose your model of grease trap

The most compact grease trap

The BAGT Compact • 1020 € HT

The BAGT Compact under-sink grease trap is designed to be installed under the professional kitchen sink of the kitchen. Entirely made of food grade stainless steel 304L, weight 25kg, it offers a guarantee of quality and durability. It is indifferently to the right or to the left.

No electrical connection is necessary for its operation, so it does not fail. The lamellar system, characteristic of the BAGT N® models, offers a sewage / grease separation capacity equivalent to a tank with a volume 5 times greater.


Advantages of our grease traps

  • Grease traps, by design, whether buried grease tanks or not, recover both solid waste and grease.

  • The BAGT Compact, BAGT 80N, BAGT 200N and BAGT 400N have been designed for restaurants serving, depending on the model, from 10 to 400 covers per day. They adapt to the strong variations of activity throughout the year.

  • They are made of 304L stainless steel, food grade, to find their place in professional kitchens.

  • They are compact; the renewal of the water inside is fast. Their efficiency is important, thanks to the lamellar system, resulting from industrial technologies.

Choose your frying oil filter

Fryer oil filtering machine

Another of our specialties: filtration of cooking oils.

+ 40 years of experience.

Sustainable material

Our filtering machines have been designed to facilitate the filtration of frying oils. The construction of the supporting structure is made of stainless steel, the pump and the tank are made of steel.

Quality of filtration

The machines are equipped with two types of filters to choose from. Fine filters with a mesh size of 45 microns allow fine filtration of oils with low sediment loads. The 90 micron mesh filters allow them to filter deep frying baths in breadcrumbs.


The tank is equipped with a hermetic lid to ensure the movement of hot oils without risk of accident or dripping. These machines do not wash, except the tank that receives the oil. Safety of personnel is a priority, and any risk of contact between hot oil and water must be avoided.

Choose your manual frying oil filter

Grease tray CE EN 1825 certified

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